reverend Janet

rev. Janet

anet is committed to helping people to fully embrace and connect to their mind, body, and spirit, restoring and bringing back their natural balance that they were born with. As a Life Coach, she gives people the tools to help them make significant lifestyle and health care changes to enhance their lives. Janet's unique style of coaching, combined with medical intuition and utilizing many integrative therapies, helps to distinguish her as a leader in the healthcare field.

Janet's soon to be published book, "Threads of Two Voices" is expected to be on the bookshelves in January 2012. It is a testimony and demonstration to all those persons who are on the brink of searching for their connection to their spiritual core and how one person's journey began by uttering a simple prayer, "I am at a crossroads in my life, I need some help!" Not only did she have her prayer answered, but soon found herself on a spiritual journey that has taken her all over the world, researching, studying and committed to uncovering her Spirit and sharing her journey with others like herself. Her journey led her to The New Seminary where she enrolled and after two years was ordained as an Interfaith Minister in May 2007. Janet is committed to the personal, spiritual professional life of "walking her talk," and is reaching out with the message of living life consciously and embracing all of the planet as completed ONENESS. Janet is someone who is dedicated to serving humankind to bring about and raise the awareness that all humans desire to be loved, respected, and honored for who they are; and is accomplished through counseling, assistance with wedding or serving the ministry on the front lines of natural disasters, where you will find Janet is present.

In addition to being an Interfaith Minister, Janet is a bio energy healer, with emphasis on a new energy system, " Inner Language of Change"; vibrational and resonance therapy utilizing core principals of prayer, gratitude, and honoring, Retreat Director, Life Coach, Aromatherapy Certified, and teaches a class,"Meditation & Mindfulness". In addition, Janet offers a Personal Growth Intensive, consisting of a 20 hour program using tools from all of these disciplines in sessions with clients to guide their development of clarity, motivation, and courage to make insightful and purposeful decisions about lifestyle, health, family, careers, and relationships.

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