This expanding women's group meets 2nd & 4th Thursday

Monthly at 6:30 pm

Where: Southeast Valley in Phoenix

This circle fosters community, self-empowerment, and provides an environment to explore, express and evolve into your fullest potential. The group has diversified into a cornucopia of information dissemination including book reviews, i.e., Lee Carroll, Gregg Braden, Delores Cannon are some of the recent book reviews, discussions on universal peace, what is women's role to effect change, environmental impact (going green) and what we can do to improve the environment, dispelling misinformation on all fronts and seeking clarity and improvement in our lives.

Come join this dynamic group of women - live your life with intention - Choose Awareness!

Affirmations: The Women's Circle holds an amazing energy where we learn about heavy-duty topics in a supportive, loving environment. The books we study are relevant, vital, and necessary and our discussions help me incorporate what we learn into everyday life. This is information that needs to be out to world NOW...our world is changing, and the Women's Circle provides a compass with which to navigate. Chandler

Our Women's Circle allows each member to discuss their unique perspective on the book we are reading. And the choice of books always provides for stimulating and thought provoking conversation. However, this Women's Circle is more than book reviews. Each member is encouraged to express their individuality and spiritual journey by sharing their thoughts in an open and accepting environment. Phoenix

Although this group started out as book reviews, it has turned into so much more for me. It's a safe environment where like-minded people can express themselves without fear of judgment. I have gained something from each of the members, including friendships. These ladies are very dear to me. Gilbert


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