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Vibrational and Resonance Energy Class

Inner Language of Change is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and that by using resonant vibration - balance can be restored. It is our emotions that speak the universal language of feeling that affects our well being. In fact, how we are "feeling" affects all of humanity every second of every hour and determines our body's vibration and its resonance.

Just as there is transformation with the butterfly, one can witness their own transformation through emotional and cellular healing. The healing work is affected by the use of transforming the molecular vibrations existing within the human electromagnetic field allowing stuck energy to move or vibrate again. Once the system finds balance the bodies' core resonance returns to its true nature, homeostasis. This class is distinct in the sense that it fully utilizes three levels of core principals; prayer, gratitude, and honoring the life force of the client during the energy healing work.

This class is new, exciting, and provides both practitioner and client an opportunity to move beyond doubt with gratitude, honoring, and through prayer, into the pure space "where the miracles of our minds become the reality of our world." Gregg Braden

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