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Meditation and Mindfulness Class

Course Description: This course is designed to explore the many and diverse array of meditative techniques to enable the participant to choose which meditative tool is most suitable for their lifestyle. Utilization of these meditative tools will result in balancing mind and body and is also a great way to de-stress, and re-focus. Stress is a part of everyday life, and learning to manage stress is an increasingly valuable tool for modern life.

Course Objective: Enable the student to reach deeper into the self to contemplate his or her life and to make decisions based upon quiet reflection.

Class Syllabus: Contemplative Meditation/Prayer

  • Oral Meditation
  • Physical Meditation
  • Drumming Circle - drums provided
  • Labyrinth - bring a pair of socks to walk
  • Give-Away Ceremony with this ritual we honor the "letting go" of something of great personal value. Each participant will bring an item of immense personal value and give it away. In return he/she will receive the gift of another's cherished item. This is a very powerful experience. Please give mindful consideration to the item you choose to bring to the ceremony.
  • Using beads, making your own Circle of Life Prayer beads - bring at least 6 beads. small items of great sentiment to string onto your Circle of Life Prayer
  • Walking Meditation

Client Affirmations:

"This class was one of the best I have ever attended. There are many books and cds on meditation, however to experience an extensive variety hands-on made all the difference! Whether you are new to these techniques or a "seasoned veteran" this class has something to offer to each and every participant! " Lisa

"Janet would say to the class "quite the mind", her having such Grace, you could, without any effort! The rest of this quote is a "channeled message" from the author. She is a lady of God. We want everyone to go see her for this lovely experience. She is a lady of God. We with the others salute her. She is a lady of God. We admire her, she is the guiding light for all our spirits. She is a lady of God She will help the world with the things that cannot be done in a doctor's office. She is a lady of God". Linda

"I took Janet's Meditation & Mindfulness class to see if there was a method of meditating that would help me let go of "mind chatter". To my surprise, I had an Epiphany during my labyrinth walk that was profound. It just goes to show that sometimes the most magnificent things happen when you least expect them. The key is to be open to the experience. " Giovanna

"I have never experienced anything like your class in my life, but in turned out to be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of my life. I am usually pretty closed minded to a lot of different "stuff" that is out of my comfort zone. I experienced the gamut of emotions and saw things in me that I never knew were there. As for feeling relaxed, I slept for 12 hours straight, something that has not happened to me since I was young". Nancy

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