reverend Janet

Bio-Energy Healer: what is bio-energy? The human body consists of, in part, subtle bodies that have energetic potential depending on the condition of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual condition of the biological human being.

The electromagnetic field of energy consists of both positive and negative electric fields; hence the term bio-electromagnetic energy. Positive energy is considered pure healing energy from "The Source," or God, from Spirit, your personal choice of belief system. Positive energy flows unencumbered throughout the energy system creating balance or homeostasis. Negative energy has blockages in several or many places throughout the body's electromagnetic field; creating illness in the physical as well as the emotional. The imbalance in the body left uncorrected through time can often manifest into significant concerns.

As a bio-energy healer, it is my passion to educate, inform and minister to all; empowering each person to self-heal and live their lives in health and well being.

Offering classes, along with private healing sessions, for Reiki and Healing Touch.

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