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What is Spiritual Counseling?

Janet offers counseling support with a spiritual orientation. It may include counseling people concerning their spiritual concerns and difficulties and facilitating their process of spiritual growth, and/or coming to terms with personal pain. Helping people to understand and work with the problems, patterns, and blocks in their lives by utilizing spiritual or metaphysical perspectives and tools. The goal of counseling is to assist the client in coming to know themselves as whole, as completely acceptable and worthy of love, able to love and to forgive and fully accepted and loved by the Divine - and to see that same truth in everyone. In addition, Janet will help the client begin to take back their own power and focus, allowing them to become fully in Total Loving Allowance of themselves and others. Spiritual Counseling also aims to deepen and strengthen the client's experience of and relationship to the Divine, in a way that is authentic and meaningful to her/him.

Benefits of Spiritual Counseling:

Janet's spiritual counseling supports the client in letting go of painful perceptions, patterns, and blocks to love, and in opening more fully to the experience of Divine wisdom, guidance, support and nourishment in everyday life. There is a sense, not only of emotional healing, but of coming home to one's true Self. She empowers the client to turn more and more to God, Inner Wisdom, or whoever your higher power is, as the ultimate therapist, healer, confidante, guide, and friend.

"We can give to others only what we have been willing to receive and experience for ourselves - we can journey with another only as far into healing as we are willing to go ourselves." Rev. Steen Ross & Rev. Diane Berke

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