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"Janet your week-long Intensive has opened the floodgates of creativity and excitement for me. With your help, I'm remembering what it feels like to follow my bliss. Amazing how this discovery process continues, heightened sense of awareness and expansion. Thanks again and again! Telluride CO.

"Your work has done more for me than all others have for the last 20 years. Using life coaching and energy medicine release work was so perfect for me, since I struggle with getting in touch with my feelings. The open structure of your Intensive was perfect, allowing for a natural flow of my work. Thank you so much Janet."

""Although I have pursued help in the past with conventional therapists and 12 step programs, Janet being such a gifted intuitive healer, was able to take me to a level I didn't realize was possible. My Intensive session has given me a gift I thought I'd never have; being able to look at my reflection in the mirror with understanding, acceptance, and love, and to life a life of joy and happiness. K. Apache Junction

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