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"My journey to Chaco Canyon in Sept. 07, was more rewarding than I ever imagined it could have been. To walk among the ancient ruins and feel the spirits of the people who once lived and prospered there so long ago was inspiring. I also found myself looking forward to my late night "potty" treks just to take in the night sky. S. Chandler

"Thank you so much for the stupendous wellness weekend. I expected to have a good time but I didn't expect to be healed, and I was! C.Payson AZ

"Exploring Chaco Canyon last summer brought yet another facet of healing on my journey. The energy of this beautiful area is awe-inspiring. I received many spiritual messages while there. Many of the concurrent life memories were full of sorrow yet it is through remembering the sorrow that I am able to heal the "past" and live more fully in the NOW. While walking through the ruins brought clarification to me and I am anxious to return to complete the work I feel awaits me there." L. Chandler


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